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Joy Eloise Meakin
Joy Eloise Meakin
Joy Eloise Meakin
Joy Eloise Meakin
Joy Eloise Meakin
Joy Eloise Meakin

Joy Eloise Meakin

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The perfect home decor necessity for a cold winters day!

Winter can be beautiful but also very harsh on your hair, skin and body.   

Just as it is vital to keep your body hydrated with water, it is essential to keep your home and environment hydrated as well.

Cold, dry air causes painful cracked skin, congestion, allergies, illness, and increases susceptibility to viruses and bacteria.

This vase shaped Essential Oil Humidifier is the perfect solution to all your winter-related problems.

Both beautiful and practical, this stunning humidifier makes a gorgeous home decor accessory and provides a plethora of benefits to your body and environment.

It cleanses, hydrates and purifies the air, thereby enhancing immunity, hydrating skin, reducing allergies, congestion and illness.  Its soft LED light makes it perfect for use as a nightlight and promotes calm, restful sleep.

Pour some essential oils in this diffuser and let the enchanting aroma of your choice permeate the room.  Close your eyes, relax, and temporarily escape from reality for a bit!

Product Details

  • Ultrasonic humidifier holds 95 ml of water capacity
  • Water shortage protection function - automatically shuts off once water runs short
  • Can pour essential oils into water for a beautiful, relaxing scent 
  • Soft LED light makes it perfect for use as a night light
  • Very quiet sound assures quality undisturbed sleep
  • Comes with a USB power cable that can be plugged into a port or PC for charging
  • USB length measures 120 cm
  • Humidifier measures 8'' x 3.8''
  • Lasts for about 4.5 hours before refilling

Humidifier Benefits

  • Fresher air, eliminates dust and smoke.
  • Perfect for winter use, puts moisture back into air.
  • Improves lung function, reduces congestion and helps reduce asthma.
  • Enhances immunity - viruses and bacteria cannot travel as well when air is hydrated.
  • Reduces allergies by cleansing and purifying the air.
  • Promotes vibrant, glowing skin - cold, dry winter air sucks the moisture out of your skin and causes it to be dull, flaky and cracked.  Humidifier solves these problems!
  • Improves sleep - a moist, clean environment makes you feel warmer and more relaxed, which promotes peaceful sleep.
  • Helps keep your pets and plants healthy, hydrated and comfortable.  Humidifier will benefit them as much as it benefits you!


  • US/UK/CAD/AUS: ETA 7-21 days
  • Europe & Worldwide: ETA 14-24 days


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